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Bright ideas in nonprofits: IT




Innovative tech is everywhere these days. From self-driving cars to smart cities, technology is changing people’s lives in substantial ways, and it seems the possibilities are endless.

Nonprofits are on trend, using IT advances to help them reach their goals and to provide accessible services. While internal resources are often limited, IT support for nonprofits helps organizations thrive through technological advancements, and often, accessible external resources play a major role in the development of nonprofit technology and internal capabilities.

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Take Cloud for Good, a company that works specifically with nonprofits to help transform their Salesforce data through the application of artificial intelligence (AI). They’re creating an impact through providing transformational value, a concept that relies on taking information collected by Salesforce and implementing elements of AI, like machine learning and process automation, to make nonprofits more effective in their missions. “Organizations are becoming more aware of the power of AI and are actively searching for ways to bring AI into their respective communities, expand their offerings and improve upon operational capabilities,” says Tal Frankfurt, the founder and CEO of Cloud for Good.1  By transforming data through Cloud for Good, nonprofits are granted actionable, human insights that can help them better manage important data and communications between them and the people they reach.




With only 11% of organizations implementing highly effective digital strategies, finding unique opportunities for the organization can help effectively deliver on the organization’s mission.

“Cloud for Good helped us formulate a solution that would help us collect the data we needed to develop effective action plans,” says Craig Garber, chief financial officer of LifeMoves, a nonprofit dedicated to providing shelter to homeless people in Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. By integrating Cloud for Good into their processes, LifeMoves was able to tackle major internal gaps in data and improve their services and programs. “Few, if any, other organizations that serve homeless people have this type of intelligence. We outlined our goals to end homelessness and Cloud for Good has assisted us in transforming the way we interact with the clients we serve,” says Garber.2

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Similarly, Erin Martin, manager of global operations and technical services for JA Worldwide, believes the innovations provided by Cloud for Good’s IT services for nonprofits like his are ideal. The knowledge of how their service would affect data internally, the integration proficiency, and understanding of what it means to work in nonprofit growth were essential to improving JA’s current business processes and fundraising practices.3

Currently, only 11% of organizations are implementing highly effective digital strategies , but thanks to Cloud for Good, nonprofit technology resources have new opportunities to mature and transform organizational effectiveness. Their unique approach to the market, paired with its use by internal IT teams at nonprofits, has provided meaningful engagement with nonprofit data and effective automated processes.



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