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Feeling burned out? Tune in to these higher ed podcasts


Working in higher education can be hard. These days, more than ever, being a professor can be both intellectually and emotionally draining. Why not set aside the papers you have to grade, plug in your headphones, and take a moment to relax with a podcast? You need to recharge, reconnect, and get re-inspired. Tune in to these higher education podcasts to guide you through.


With this stockpile of advice and inspiration, you’ll be well on your way to beating your employee burnout and regaining your work motivation.

Need inspiration?

If it’s just a little inspiration you need, this podcast could be just what the doctor ordered. “You’ve Got This,” by Katie Linder, Ph.D., helps academics and higher education professionals work more productively and creatively.

Feeling especially fried with all of the recent challenges you are facing? In the episode “YGT 192: Relaxing Expectations,” Linder delves into how our expectations for ourselves are changing during challenging times. She talks about the importance of establishing a new baseline for what counts as success providing concrete examples of strategies that have worked for her. As Linder has said in previous episodes, “Mental health, emotional health, is just as important as our physical health. And that’s a big part of self-care as well.”

Need a challenge?

Maybe you’re not feeling as effective and productive as you could be as an educator. On “Teaching in Higher Ed,” host Bonnie Stachowiak will introduce you to educators and innovators who will challenge your ways of doing things and provide you plenty of food for thought. Episode topics range from design thinking to addressing homelessness and housing insecurity in higher education.

In episode 310, Stachowiak interviews Remi Kalir, an Assistant Professor of Learning Design at the University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development. They talk about teaching and learning in a time of pandemic.

During the interview, Remi suggests that, “there are some longer-term opportunities that are being opened here to pretty radically rethink what it means to be an educator.” He then goes on to discuss that our classrooms will and should look different in the future based on what is happening today. He notes that, “The so-called ‘normal’ that existed did not work for many students to begin with,” and shares how the current environment provides educators a chance to question what is working and what is not, gather feedback and realign values.

Need a spark to relight your fire?

Reconnecting with your passion is a sure-fire path out of burnout, and some people’s passion is infectious enough to spread via audio. On “Higher Ed Geek,” Dustin Ramsdell sits down with people who work in higher education to discover their personal experiences in the field and nerd-out about the topics they’re most passionate about.

Whether it’s Kristen Abell talking about mental health in higher education, Sadé Abraham examining the effects of poverty and trauma on education, or Casey Welch discussing creating career opportunities for students, the personal stories of Ramsdell’s guests are sure to enlighten and excite.

With this stockpile of advice and inspiration, you’ll be well on your way to beating your employee burnout and regaining your work motivation.

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